Sferracavalli    &   Palmento Galilei  


Primitivo Sferracavalli

 by old vine Primitivo     100%

Ruby red impenetrable to the eye. The olfactory bouquet is intense, complex and fine in its hints of ripe red fruit jam, floral hints, spices and tones of humus and undergrowth. Soft, full, fresh and corresponding to the sip, equipped with ripe and caressing tannins that lead to a persistent and fruity finish.


This vinification fully reflects the Savese tradition and follows a procedure which has "traditional" aspects handed down orally from generations to generations.

Principles generals of this traditional workmanship are not all to be found in the Palmento but between the rows of our vineyards and the "knowledgeable" hands that they take care of every stage of it.
The indigenous yeasts present in the Palmento lead to a slow fermentation, risky because it is not entrusted exclusively to selected yeasts. This though enriches the wine with ancient aromas and flavours. Scarce use of devices mechanics, use of cold and materials that treat the grapes in a manner soft. Maceration of the grapes for no less than 15 days.
Approximately 15 Vol. alcohol and 20 grams /lt of residual sugar.
A good overall structure, intense red color, fruity aromas to the smell they make it magical. An unrecognizable Primitivo...try to believe!!!

" ...il processo di vinificazione prevede esclusivamente l'uso di uve mature o stramature di primitivo 100% "

Paolo Mancino