Wineyards and Cellar

In 2008, after the death of Grandfather Paolo Mancino has launched a challenge against the trend towards mass production of Primitivo di
Manduria in favor of a much smaller production, linked to the enhancement of the Primitivo saplings still present in the area.
The main objective is to produce
a high quality wine obtained from the vinification of the primitivo in purity. The climatic conditions, the variations of each vintage represent an added value in order to obtain a product that reflects each production period.

SFERRACAVALLI was born from this decision, a powerful wine,
rich, full of history, which does not go down
compromised, which suggests to always be yourself even when the road
it's uphill and the horses are kicking off.

The "alberelli" the spirit of

The vines are not all the same, the Apulian sapling is a farming method that encloses the peculiarity of our primitivo in just a few bunches. The production of Primitivo per hectare must necessarily remain below 50 quintals per hectare, to guarantee a qualitatively high production. Then there are the Zones, the plots and land that cannot be ignored. Red earth, tuff and living stone.